SVIS organized a four-day professional development programme from April 26, 2021 – April 29, 2021 for teachers to sharpen their existing skills and to cultivate new ones. We invited experts to train our teachers in creating holistic classrooms. The objective of these sessions was to familiarize teachers with latest developments, provide a platform for collaborative learning and sharing of best practices. The focus was on training teachers to be effective facilitators to build a community of ethical, altruistic in the latest teaching practices and standards of global education. The effectiveness of the programme was evident on April 30, 2021 with the training review and evaluation session in the form of feedback survey and informal group discussion to reiterate the learnt aspects.

Key areas focussed upon: National Education Policy, Story Telling “Why and How”, Communicative English, Effective Lesson planning and worksheet designing, Educational Institutions working for teaching empowerment and Online Classroom Management.

Here are few glimpses of the teacher learning programme in times of uncertainty: