Sri Vidyaranya International School (SVIS) is a CBSE+ School located in Hyderabad, spread across 19 acres of lush green campus. SVIS is established with a purpose of preparing children to reach high academic standards, acquire ancient wisdom, modern technological and soft skills and scientific temperament. SVIS is founded by Sri Saraswathi Vidyapeetham, Telangana, the biggest non-profit organisation in the field of education, with over five decades of experience in providing value-based education in its schools across India.

Salient Features

Curriculum And Pedagogy That,

Methodology That,

The true purpose of yoga is to develop a relationship with the self that exists deep within our core, which is called Jivatman (individual soul). Human beings are embodiments of five distinct energy sheaths called “koshas” that surround our jivatman. They are,

  1. Physical – Annamaya kosha
  2. Energy – Pranamaya kosha
  3. Mental – Manamaya kosha
  4. Wisdom – Vijnanamaya kosha
  5. Bliss – Anandamaya kosha
  6. Self – Atman