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  Professional Development Sessions- April 2024 SVIS recognizes that our teachers must lead by example and provides numerous professional development opportunities to sharpen their existing skills and cultivate new ones. We train our faculty to be passionate about teaching and work together towards a collaborative, cohesive and wholesome education. Four days of professional development sessions were organised from April 24 till April 27, 2024. SVIS Principal Dr Anup Sharma and renowned Prof Upender Reddy ji conducted the sessions. Each day started by Morning Saraswathi Vandana and ended with Shanti Patham. On the first day, our Principal Sir, Dr. Anup Sharma empowered our teachers with the sessions on Classroom Management, Questioning: An Important Teaching skill to customise practices suitable for their social, cultural, and educational context. Second day, teachers Learn about designing authentic assessments that promote meaningful feedback followed by innovative teaching methods to enhance student participation and creativity. Prof Uender Reddy ji conducted session on key principles and reforms outlined in the National Education Policy 2020. Dr Anup sharma conducted a session on communication skills for positive interactions with students, parents, and colleagues. In the next session, Teachers learned to develop lesson plans with differentiation strategies.  During the last session everyone reflected on key takeaways from PD days and discussed to develop action plans for implementation. These sessions equippedteachers with techniques and modern pedagogy strategies that helps them to better connect manage, and teach to their students in a manner which ensures that all students are learning and benefitting.