Where there’s a will, there’s a way!!

When covid times threw challenges, we took them as opportunities to bring in a paradigm shift in the way we reach out, connect and educate our students. Online classes have helped us all to embed technology into traditional teaching methodology and the result has been absolutely amazing and gratifying. Moreover, co-hosting for other teacher’s classes has been replaced the regular workshops that are conducted every year, because each of our teacher(s) is a great resource herself.

When we are open to learning from each other, there is no limit to the possibilities. Needless to say, team work has never been this fruitful and fun. We can see a natural bond developing in avery short period of time with our children and parents. Of course, a great share of this success goes to the parents for their willingness to adapt and cooperate. While we miss going to school and interacting with the children, as educators we are optimistic that they will come out of this having learnt a few valuable life skills.

Pandemic taught us the biggest life lesson – “Accept Challenges!! If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow”.

VijayaTipparaju, Principal

Sri Vidyaranya International School, Bandlaguda Jaagir.